The white one gazes at the future, the black one sees through the past.

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Hi there, I'm Chii ~
I'm from germany and I like vanilla pudding very much!

My blog contains different things liiike, fantasy, very much elves, dragon age things, japanese things, D , victorian things, gothic lolita and blaaah.
Yes, blaaah. ♚


"Without breaking stride, Felassan drew forth a stick from the folds of his cloak, and it twisted and grew like a living thing, until moments later it was a mage’s staff whose head swirled with emerald light."

-from Dragon Age: The Masked Empire

We finally know why templars don’t just walk…


Maybe the Inquisitor is actually Morrigan’s god child from Origins


furries be like ‘i hope we can romance the mabari in inquisition’


just pretend it’s some modern au

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The Blight had been unleashed on Ferelden.

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As an artist, especially as a singer, you can transmit feelings and if you can feel them so vividly yourself and the music is so well written regardless of what the lyrics are even about, you can just tell your story, or tell a story.

Floor Jansen on ”Ghost Love Score”


Nightwish videography: The Islander (Dark Passion Play, 2007)

An old man by a seashore at the end of day, gazes the horizon with seawinds in his face. Tempest-tossed island seasons all the same, anchorage unpainted and a ship without a name.